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IRDED - About

Organizational Background
The Research Institute on Democracy and Rule of Law (l’Institut de Recherche sur la Démocratie et l’État de Droit) (IRDED) was founded in January 2007. It is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan research and educational organization that promotes policies that further democratic principles, the creation of a free society and the establishment of rule of law in West Africa, particularly in Guinea. The Institute is based in Conakry, Guinea.


IRDED mission is to further the promotion of a democratic society, the respect of human rights’ principles and rule of law by assisting the government in formulating sound policies and helping to mobilize a social democratic constituency to consolidate the democratic process.

In order to do so, IRDED is aimed to further the whole process of policy making – from agenda entry, through issue refinement, to selection of preferred options and implementation. IRDED is contributing to determination of major strategic policy issues affecting the whole policy making system and to the understanding of issues and mobilization of interest at the level of a particular policy issue. In the widely policy making system, IRDED aims at contributing to all of the process and outcomes embraced in the notion of political learning.


L’IRDED is focused on:

  1. Strengthening the judiciary system through training of judges and supporting human rights NGOs that work towards ending impunity;

  2. Providing technical assistance to government anti-corruption agencies as well as studies that support inclusive, participatory, and democratic policy reform including capacity-building support for elected parliamentarians and executive branch officials;

  3. Providing policy recommendation on media freedom and freedom of information;

  4. Providing research studies on key legal issues;

  5. And providing studies that enhance the role of lawyers, judges, advocates and assure the adversarial nature of court proceedings that seek to better protect human rights.

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